Protect and Streamline Your IT Operations

In a complex and ever-changing IT environment, documenting processes, procedures, configurations and best practices is essential to the consistent, efficient and high quality maintenance of business-critical systems.

Our comprehensive Knowledge Base and Documentation benefits you by ensuring your service level agreements are met, protecting you from losing information if key staff leave, maintaining consistent standards for everyday procedures and speeding up recovery of systems after a disaster.

Our Knowledge Base and Documentation services cover:

  • System design documentation – to record configurations, specifications and core processes
  • Site assessments – we can document services for both new and existing server, backup and storage systems and the environments in which they reside
  • Maintaining standards – our documentation packages are popular with credit unions, logistics companies and organisations with strict standards, procedures and service level agreements
  • Standard operating procedures (SOPs) – documentation specific to your environment that defines procedures, configurations and specifications of your environment to enable streamlined maintenance and support