A Smart & Simple Backup Plan

A simple yet effective business backup solution, a cold site is simply a reserved area on a data centre where your business can set up new equipment in the event of a disaster.

Because a cold site does not come set up with hardware, software or backed up versions of your data it requires minimal start up costs. However, it also takes some extra time to get your business systems up and running after the disaster as new systems have to be installed.

For this reason it is generally only recommended for single application environments that can afford to wait 48 hours in the event of a disaster.

Our Cold Site service features:

  • A cold site is a basic low cost offsite disaster recovery solution
  • In the event of a disaster, TRT engineers rebuild the required environment in the new location
  • Recommended for single application environments that are reasonably simple to re-install
  • Full recovery of single application environments generally within 48 hours
  • Customer data is loaded onto the new system using backup media such as tapes
  • Option to install a permanent fixed line for your communications requirements
  • Two one-day disaster recovery tests come standard with the service