Back Up and Running in 24 Hours After a Disaster

A warm site is a disaster recovery option where a data centre location is pre-loaded with computer hardware and software equivalent to the systems within your organisation. This means your backup data can rapidly be installed in the event of a disaster.

As your organisation will need to purchase or lease the equipment in the warm site, this option does involve more set-up costs than a cold site, but has the advantage of being able to get your business systems can be up and running much faster. Even sites with multiple applications can generally be back to full operation within 24 hours.

Our Warm Site service features:

  • The customer owns or leases all equipment with an annual fee for rack space allocation
  • Equipment is already physically installed at the disaster recovery site on standby if needed
  • An agreed fee is negotiated and applies only in the case that you declare a disaster
  • Recommended for environments with multiple applications that need to be back up and running within 24 hours or less in the event of a disaster
  • Customer data is loaded onto the disaster recovery system using backup media such as tapes
  • Two one-day disaster recovery tests per year come standard with the solution