A More Cost-Effective High Availability Option

If you have a mission-critical environment where downtime is not an option, yet maintaining a full time high-availability specialist on staff is not cost effective, TRT has the solution.

Our High Availability Software (HA/X) provides AIX, Solaris and HP-UX users with the ability to meet the uptime requirements of their business without creating unwanted dependencies and complexities in that infrastructure.

Our High Availability Software (HA/X) covers:

  • Multi-node server clustering - Clustering allows multiple servers to deliver the same application services so that if one server fails, another can stand in. More sophisticated clustering software allows application service processes to be distributed across multiple servers simultaneously in a load-balanced configuration. TRT's HA/X offers both.
  • Customised clustering - While few standard clustering products support all applications, through the HA/X deployment process we can do customised scripting and system design to enable clustering for most applications, including custom software.
  • Remote data replication - There are many different ways to replicate data between locations. HA/X is designed so that systems can replicate from a central storage management system or between application servers. Data replication is an easy way to ensure that data is safely off-site. It can also be used to share data between locations that are connected with relatively slow WAN links