The Highest Level of Disaster Recovery

A hot site is a premium level of disaster recovery where the business IT systems and up-to-date data are duplicated and maintained at a separate data centre.

Following a disaster, your organisation can very quickly ‘switch’ to the duplicate backup system with minimal disruption. As you are effectively running two business environments, this solution requires upfront and ongoing investment, but can offer recovery in a matter of minutes.

This is a popular option for institutions such as finance companies and stock exchanges where downtime is not an option.

Our Hot Site service features:

  • A premium disaster recovery solution for business-critical systems
  • It includes fully installed, running and maintained hardware, software and data
  • Equipment is already physically installed at the disaster recovery site and running a replicated production environment that is ready at ALL TIMES for failover from the production site
  • Recommended for environments with multiple applications and recovery time objective of 12 hours or less in the event of a disaster
  • In most cases recovery is complete within 5 minutes
  • Two one day disaster recovery tests per year come standard with the solution
  • Hot Sites are available Globally