About Avigilon

AVIGILON designs and manufactures the absolute best high definition surveillance solutions. TRT Solutions Limited partners with AVIGILON to offer to all its Clients this scalable and cost-effective surveillance solution.

AVIGILON HD Network Video Management Software and megapixel cameras deliver the superior image quality and maximum coverage. AVIGILON components can work together in an end-to-end solution or work with AVIGILON existing systems to enhance their current capabilities. AVIGILON offers a variety of configurations that let you customize the surveillance solution.

AVIGILON can help you protect and monitor an array of diverse locations with the best image clarity, including stadiums, retail environments, casinos, critical infrastructure, transportation stations, and more.

AVIGILON Control Center 5

  • Easy to use interface
  • Collaborative Investigation
  • Crash-proof Enterprise Server Management
  • Intelligent Virtual Matrix
  • Cross-site users and groups
  • Private Bookmarking
  • Alarm Escalation
  • Pick Site-View Location
  • Multi-megapixel High-Dynamic-Range Image Display
  • Data Protection and Storage Management

Analytics Integration

  • High Definition Analytics
  • Self-learning Eliminates Manual Calibration

AVIGILON Control Center Mobile

  • Security professionals can connect to the AVIGILON Control Center software over any IP wireless network using Apple or Android mobile devices
  • Support high-megapixel images and detail of up to 7K (30 MP) over low-bandwidth connections
  • Can easily connect to an unlimited number of servers and cameras, expanding access to video surveillance data for greater coverage and remote monitoring
  • Offers alarm push-notifications and handling capabilities for real-time event verification

Advanced Control Center

  • Alarm Monitoring
  • POS Transaction Engine
  • Acquisition Manager
  • Simple Camera and Server Installation
  • Detailed Management, Monitoring and Reporting of System Status and Security
  • Scalable Integration with Legacy Systems
  • License Plate Recognition

AVIGILON Control Center Software three Edition

Enterprise Edition – more advanced features for a sophisticated solution

Standard Edition – used for more focused needs or for those looking to transition to HD surveillance in the most cost-effective way

Core Edition – entry-level version of AVIGILON award-winning software that delivers advanced high definition surveillance capabilities, ease of use and superior image quality to smaller implementations

JPEG2000 HD Panoramic

  • Panoramic Wide-Area Coverage
  • Easy Installation
  • Multi-megapixel
  • Alarm Inputs and Outputs
  • Audio Recording

H.264 HD Dome Camera

  • Remote Zoom and Focus
  • Industry Standards
  • 264 and MJPEG Compression
  • P-Iris Support
  • Optional Integrated IR
  • LightCatcher™ Technology
  • Onboard Storage
  • Optional Analytics Capabilities

H.264 HD Camera

  • Remote Zoom and Focus
  • Industry Standards
  • Automatic IR Cut Filter
  • Alarm Input and Outputs
  • P-Iris Support
  • Light Catcher™ Technology
  • Onboard Storage

HD PTZ Camera

  • Offers powerful Zoom Capabilities
  • 360 Continuous Rotation
  • Day/Night Capabilities
  • 264 and MJPEG Compression
  • Industry Standards
  • Plug-and-Play

HD Pro Cameras

  • 4K (8 MP) TO 7K (30 MP)
  • Self-Learning Analytics
  • 264 Compression
  • Focus and Iris Control of SLR Lenses
  • Increased Framerate
  • Flexible Lens Options
  • Onboard Storage
  • Light Catcher™ Technology

License Plate Recognition

  • High Definition Resolution
  • Single Camera, Multiple Lanes
  • Roman and Arabic Alphabet Support; Automatic Worldwide License Plate Recognition

H.264 HD Bullet Camera

  • Adaptive IR
  • Dual Lens Options
  • Wide Dynamic Range(WDR)
  • Easy to Install
  • Built for the Outdoors
  • Onboard Storage
  • Optional Analytics Capabilities

H.264 HD Dome Camera

  • Remote Zoom and Focus
  • Industry Standards
  • 264 and MJPEG Compression
  • P-Iris Support
  • Optional Integrated IR
  • LightCatcher™ Technology
  • Onboard Storage
  • Optional Analytics Capabilities

HD Multisensor Camera

  • Superior Image Detail
  • Flexible Installation
  • Remote Zoom and Focus
  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)
  • ONVIF Compliant
  • Increased Frame Rate

HD Micro Dome Camera

  • Flexible Installation
  • High definition Resolution
  • Industry Standards
  • Three Axis of Rotation
  • Ready for the Environment
  • AVIGILON Control Center Server Software Preloaded and Configured
  • Workstation Configuration
  • Server Configuration
  • Expansion Storage
  • RAID Storage and Redundant Supply Options
  • Pre-loaded with AVIGILON Control Center software
  • Embedded PoE Managed Switch
  • Range of Storage Capacities
  • RAID Storage
  • Maximum Camera Resolution

Analog Video Recorders

  • High Image Rates
  • PTZ Support
  • Alarm Input and Outputs
  • Easy to Install
  • Supports H.264 Compression

USB Professional Joystick Keyboard

  • Single Control for System Management
  • Left- and Right-Handed
  • Conventional and Digital PTZ via Three-Axis Joystick

Over Ethernet Accessories

  • 8- and 24-Port-Managed Gigabit Switches
  • Single Port Injector
  • PoE PoTRT together with AVIGILONred Extenders to Extend Cable Length Limits

Camera Enclosures

  • Ready for the Environment
  • Internal Heater and BloTRT together with AVIGILONr Options
  • Variety of Sizes


  • E/EF Mount Lensesu