Resolve Issues Before They Become Disruptive

Today’s enterprise-wide IT systems are highly powerful, complex and customisable programs capable of processing hundreds of applications and vast amounts of important data. While this makes them extremely valuable to your business, they can also be a vulnerability.

Due to their escalating complexity and size, it is all too easy for your business, storage and backup systems to suffer from mis-configured settings, troublesome errors, insecurities, instability and serious performance bottlenecks.

That’s where TRT’s Quarterly Healthchecks can help. By proactively and comprehensively reviewing your system configuration and processes our technicians can optimise speed, prepare for planned growth, increase reliability and update your documentation. We can also troubleshoot errors and identify problems at the same time to ensure long-term performance.

Our quarterly system and storage/backup healthchecks cover:

  • Comprehensive system, server, storage and backup review
  • Service request and incident SLAs review
  • CPU utilisation
  • Memory allocation and utilisation
  • Disk activity and utilisation
  • File system utilisation
  • Network interface utilisation
  • Patch management and reporting
  • Error logs and recommendations
  • Backup management and status report
  • Security audit report
  • Database and recovery log utilisation
  • Offsite tape utilisation
  • Scheduled backups and admin schedules
  • Configuration and options assessment