Proactive Monitoring And Optimization Of Your Systems

With the rapidly changing technology, every second counts in business. That’s why TRT offers real-time automated monitoring and alerting software and services to save you time, effort and technical resources use market-leading Sentinel3G software to deliver enterprise-wide performance and availability monitoring for servers, databases, applications, network infrastructure, and middleware in Unix, Linux, and Microsoft Windows environments.

Our Real-time Monitoring and Alerting Services include:

  • Market-leading solution – TRT uses proven system management software Ontune.
  • Proactive operating system and database management – in many cases automated responses can resolve the problem, saving you time and effort
  • Flexible monitoring – easily define your own rules to monitor system status, for example, icons indicating overloaded, busy, working, idle, and more
  • Compatible with a wide range of midrange IT platforms – comes standard with a Knowledge Base for AIX, Linux, HP-UX, and Solaris with options available for Windows, TRu64, Oracle, Informix, Apache, Squid, and more
  • Real-time reporting – detailed data logs, statistics reports, tables, and graphs at your fingertips
  • Simplified configuration – add and manage service monitoring easily via a user-friendly interface
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