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A global leader in next-generation IT server, storage, and networking services. TRT has made businesses from small to Fortune 500 companies throughout the globe evolve with our customized and cost effective offerings! We deliver exceptional value with no compromises.


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Driven to help you move forward faster. Our solutions and services are tailored to accelerate your business’s success.
Our range of IT services has enabled TRT to become the trusted advisor for many of the world’s
leading organizations.

Global IT Infrastructure Cost Reduction

Providing cost effective solutions for IBM, HP, Dell, Cisco EMC, Netapp & many other server, storage and networking brands within a strict SLA model.

Our Partners

Our experienced and accredited specialists have a proven track record, developed through supporting enterprise environments in partnership with many of the world's leading technology providers, including IBM, HPE & Oracle.

With you whenever, wherever you are

We treat your business as if it’s our own—we work alongside you—even when you’re at work, on break or even when you’re asleep. Our core expert team of over 200 personnel internationally is ready to support clients who are in dire need of IT support at any time, anywhere.

IT Support & Network Maintenance Services

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EOSL Library

At TRT, we monitor End Of Service Life announcements so our clients avoid unnecessary downtime. Quick-search our EOSL library and make sure that you won't miss another End of Service Life date.


7050X 96XGT 8QSFP+ FB AC Switch


1-Port Fast Ethernet 1-Port Channelized E1 ISDN-PRI Balanced NM


Tecal X6000 XH320 V2 Server

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