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Careers at TRT

Infrastructure Relocation Services

A Smooth Transition for Your People and Systems

Moving all or part of your business is tricky enough at the best of times. Add in the relocation of sensitive, complex and costly IT systems and it can become a real headache.

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Auditing and Enterprise Infrastructure Security Services

Safeguarding Your Systems Today and into the Future

As the strategic benefits of technology continue to rise, so too do the security risks and threats. When it comes to security, there is no room for compromise.

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Other OS Related Services

Optimising Your New Server and Operating System

Once you’re up and running with your upgraded operating system and server, TRT offers a wide range of related services to help you optimise your new environment.

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Operating System or Other Software Upgrades

Seamless Server and Operating Systems Upgrades

TRT Professional Services for IBM, HP and Sun deliver an extremely fast and effective upgrade of your servers and operating systems.

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Database & Application Support Services

Industry Leading Brands, Service and Support

Combining our experienced in-house database specialists and our close partnership with leading database and application providers, TRT delivers a full range of integrated database and application support services.

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Quarterly System-Storage & Backup Heathchecks

Resolve Issues Before They Become Disruptive

Today’s enterprise-wide IT systems are highly powerful, complex and customizable programs capable of processing hundreds of applications and vast amounts of important data. While this makes them extremely valuable to your business, they can also be a vulnerability.

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24/7 Support and Diagnosis Options

Responsive Support Around the Clock

As part of our standard service agreement, TRT provides clients with fast and knowledgeable support whenever, and however, it suits your business.

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IBM, HPE & Oracle Certified Specialist

Experienced and Accredited Midrange Specialists

At TRT we are proud of the proven track record we have developed in supporting enterprise environments in partnership with many of the world’s leading technology providers.

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Customer Controlled Escalation

Hands-On Support from the Top Down

TRT is serious about forming a true business partnership with our clients and offer all our clients multiple contact points and escalation paths should they be required.

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Core Technical Competencies

World Class Support for The World’s Leading Brands

When you’ve invested in quality hardware and software for your core enterprise business applications, it is critical to maximise your return on investment with maintenance and support services to match.

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Our Services

Our range of IT services has enabled TRT to become the trusted advisor for many of the world’s leading organizations.



Our clients love our team of service-oriented professionals who puts their business as their top priority. Find out why TRT stands out in the industry direct from the people we work with.



We believe in fostering a culture of open-mindedness, compassion, and inclusiveness among individuals and groups as we continue our success as a global organization.


Our Locations

We are a regional renowned business development team with locations all over the globe.

Our Esteemed Global Partners —————

Our partnerships that allow us to be at the top of the IT industry.

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