The Importance of Plan B

Form a roadmap to keep your organisation going when disaster strikes. TRT helps you develop a plan to maintain minimum uptime requirements. Strategies are typically based on either mitigation (preventing outages through resilient system design) or contingency planning (managing outages as they occur). TRT also helps your organisation craft a strategy for identifying and declaring a disaster, so you can execute the continuity strategy right away. 

Disruption to IT infrastructure, networks, or facilities can bring any organization to a halt. With TRT the cost of being disabled is too high for most businesses to survive. Fortunately there are many reliable and cost-effective solutions available to safeguard your business and TRT has the experience to help you choose and implement an appropriate solution for you.

Service Features

Cold Sites

A Smart & Simple Backup Plan

A simple yet effective business backup solution, a cold site is simply a reserved area on a data centre where your business can set up new equipment in the event of a disaster.

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Core Technical Competencies

World Class Support for The World’s Leading Brands

You have invested in quality hardware and software for your core enterprise business applications. Now, to maximise your return on investment, you will need the IT maintenance and support services to match.

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Customer Controlled Escalation

Hands-On Support from the Top Down

TRT is serious about forming a true business partnership with our clients. We offer all our clients multiple contact points and escalation paths should they be required.

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Customer Nominated Disaster Recovery Location

Disaster Recovery Wherever You Need It

While TRT offers comprehensive offsite disaster recovery options in managed datacentres, we can also help you set up infrastructure on your own location in the event of a disaster.

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Customised Service Levels

Singapore Moves Fast. We Move Faster.

When your business depends on technology for everyday operations, every second of downtime is costly and waiting for IT support and maintenance services is not an option.

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Data Protection Strategy / Solution

What Level of Protection is Right for Your Business in Singapore?

What will be the right business continuity and disaster recovery plan for your business? To answer that question, it is essential to analyse your IT systems, data, and requirements to develop a solution that meets your needs today and into the future.

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High Availability – HA/X

A More Cost-Effective High Availability Option

If you have a mission-critical environment where downtime is not an option, yet maintaining a full time high-availability specialist on staff is not cost effective, TRT has the solution.

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Hot Sites

The Highest Level of Disaster Recovery

A hot site is a premium level of disaster recovery where the business IT systems and up-to-date data are duplicated and maintained at a separate data center.

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IBM, HPE & Oracle Certified Specialist

Experienced and Accredited Midrange Specialists

At TRT we are proud of the proven track record we have developed in supporting enterprise environments in partnership with many of the world’s leading technology providers.

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Knowledge Base & Documentation

With You Every Step of the Way

When you partner with TRT we take accountability for delivering what we say we will and track our performance every step of the way. Our cloud backup solutions for businesses in Singapore ensure that your data is replicated, protected and stored properly so you can access it when needed.

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Pre-Assigned Technical Specialist

You’re Assigned a Disaster Recovery Specialist

When you partner with TRT on your disaster recovery and business continuity, a technical specialist works with your team and technology to plan tests and review your disaster plans. This same resource is also assigned to you in the event of a disaster occurring.

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Schedule Testing Programs

With Backups It’s Better to be Safe than Sorry

Once you have a solid business continuity and disaster recovery plan in place, it is important to make sure it is working with regularly scheduled tests to boost the effectiveness of your maintenance management system software.

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TRT Computer Disaster Recovery Centre in Singapore

State-of-the-Art Facilities with Global Access

With state-of-the-art disaster recovery centres right across the Globe supported by a comprehensive suite of professional services, TRT has an effective solution for all budgets and needs.

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Warm Sites

Back Up and Running in 24 Hours After a Disaster

A warm site is a disaster recovery option where a data centre location is pre-loaded with computer hardware and software equivalent to the systems within your organisation. This means your backup data can rapidly be installed in the event of a disaster.

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