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“It is our mission to redefine enterprise IT services by allowing our clients to focus on their points of competitive advantage, whilst providing them with the ability to protect their investments in technology, processes and personnel.“

– Domenic Romanelli –

We Provide You With Real Choice

Get the most out of your IT Enterprise Infrastructure. No compromises.
Just the right solution with bottom line savings.

Lower Your Total Cost of Operations

Reduce your Operational Costs by 20-30% through our low-cost services, delivering consistent savings for your business.

Resolve Issues Quickly

Enjoy 24/7 access to World-Class service delivery with our service-oriented professionals who put your business at the top of their priority.

Maximize Your Uptime

No Interruptions in Your Business Flow with our Proactive IT Infrastructure Monitoring and real time alerting services to save you time, effort and technical resources.


We Can Help You Save Time, Effort and Technical Resources


Precision installation, ensuring seamless integration of hardware and software.


Streamlined oversight, optimizing operations for peak performance.


Reliable assistance and guidance for sustained success.

TRT Sparing Strategy

TRT’s Comprehensive Global Parts Strategy ensures that all your clients receive the
highest level of uptime on their critical systems.





30-Day Transition Period

Conduct Logical and
Physical Audit

Identification of
component details,
failure rate, life

Sourcing and
Purchasing from
Global Suppliers

Nearest Capital City
Sparing Strategy

Comprehensive Global Parts Strategy

Periodical Part Replenishment

Our Partners

Our experienced and accredited specialists have a proven track record, developed through supporting enterprise environments in partnership with many of the world's leading technology providers.

Service Features

24/7 IT Support and Diagnosis Options

Responsive Support Around the Clock

As part of our standard service agreement, TRT provides clients with fast and knowledgeable IT and software support services whenever, and however, it suits your business.

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24/7 Software & Hardware Maintenance

Supporting the Systems Powering Your Business

Singapore’s hyper-modern businesses are powered by complex IT systems. TRT provides cutting-edge IT support and maintenance services essential for business continuity.

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24/7 Systems/Storage Administration

Onsite & Remote IT Support Services

Whether you need urgent onsite support, remote offsite support or advice and guidance over the telephone, we’re there for you wherever and whenever you need us.

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Core Technical Competencies

World Class Support for The World’s Leading Brands

You have invested in quality hardware and software for your core enterprise business applications. Now, to maximise your return on investment, you will need the IT maintenance and support services to match.

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Customer Controlled Escalation

Hands-On Support from the Top Down

TRT is serious about forming a true business partnership with our clients. We offer all our clients multiple contact points and escalation paths should they be required.

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Customised Service Levels

Singapore Moves Fast. We Move Faster.

When your business depends on technology for everyday operations, every second of downtime is costly and waiting for IT support and maintenance services is not an option.

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Data Protection Strategy / Solution

What Level of Protection is Right for Your Business in Singapore?

What will be the right business continuity and disaster recovery plan for your business? To answer that question, it is essential to analyse your IT systems, data, and requirements to develop a solution that meets your needs today and into the future.

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IBM, HPE & Oracle Certified Specialist

Experienced and Accredited Midrange Specialists

At TRT we are proud of the proven track record we have developed in supporting enterprise environments in partnership with many of the world’s leading technology providers.

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Schedule Testing Programs

With Backups It’s Better to be Safe than Sorry

Once you have a solid business continuity and disaster recovery plan in place, it is important to make sure it is working with regularly scheduled tests to boost the effectiveness of your maintenance management system software.

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TRT Computer Disaster Recovery Centre in Singapore

State-of-the-Art Facilities with Global Access

With state-of-the-art disaster recovery centres right across the Globe supported by a comprehensive suite of professional services, TRT has an effective solution for all budgets and needs.

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Warm Sites

Back Up and Running in 24 Hours After a Disaster

A warm site is a disaster recovery option where a data centre location is pre-loaded with computer hardware and software equivalent to the systems within your organisation. This means your backup data can rapidly be installed in the event of a disaster.

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