• Connect your business

– All-in-one nature of the solution removes silos
– Full capabilities on desktop, tablet or mobile, on-prem or in the cloud
– Deeply embedded within Outlook, so business data and processes work right where users spend most of their time

Comprehensive business management

• Make smarter decisions

– All business data at your fingertips, real-time; flexible KPIs and dashboards for each user role
– Artificial Intelligence enables higher performance and powers an improved customer experience
– System suggestions based on historical data, lead to optimized process outcomes and higher productivity

Make smarter decisions

• Start and grow easily

– Easily tailor the software in a no-code environment, through the UI or with
embedded PowerApps
– Visit AppSource to quickly add 3rd party integrations, horizontal or vertical-specific add-on functionality designed to work seamlessly with Business Central
– Start with as many (or few) users and modules as you want, and grow as your needs grow. Built on Microsoft’s Intelligent Cloud, Business Central will scale and perform as your volumes grow, with no additional cost or system tuning required.

Grow easily with DYnamics 365