TRT Sports and Academic Management

Domenic Romanelli, the CEO of TRT, has funded over US$ 1,400,000 for students over the past 3 years at Spring Creek Academy. As a charitable contribution, TRT has funded 11 graduates from 7 different countries in the past 7 years. All 11 international graduates have continued on with a full scholarship to University upon graduation from Spring Creek.

Spring Creek Academy as an institution has been around for over 25 years. It is a private high school setting for highly motivated, gifted, and talented students. SCA focuses on smaller class room sizes and flexible class sizes with a student population open to international students.


The House

A house owned by Domenic is used to accommodate the basketball team hosted by the Head Coach Mounir Bengala and assistant coach Hocine Gaham who also prepares all team meals.

The approach we have given the basketball team is the same approach we deal with our business.

SR - The House TRT

Team Philosophy

Its what we live

Family over everything

We are all we have so we take care
of each other

Always thankful

Understanding that not every one
gets this opportunity

Change your world

America provides opportunities that we can utilize to further push the our country

Class room or court

Doesn’t matter – Same effort we go hard

Why we play

For our country, our nation, our people

Hard work beats talent

Working hard is not an option