Safeguarding Your Systems Today And Into The Future

As the benefits of technology continue to rise, so do the security risks and threats. When it comes to security, there is no room for compromise.
TRT has the proven track record to audit and secure your current IT environment, as well as deliver the policies, procedures and guidelines that will keep it operating securely in the long term.

We have extensive experience in implementing server operating system and application baseline standards for all types of enterprise environments. We can deal with standards for HP-UX, AIX, Solaris, OS400, TRu64 and Linux, which can be customised to your business and are based on industry-leading practices such as SANS, NSA, NIST and CIS.

For example, patch management is one critical area of security that takes a systematic approach to ensure all the latest patches from all the relevant vendors are applied across your business applications. We can help you implement and maintain efficient procedures for many different platforms to mitigate many of the risks involved with manual patch management.

Managed Services - TRT

TRT Enterprise Infrastructure Security Services

– Misconfigured security settings such as unwanted open ports and services exposes a system to vulnerabilities that can be solved.

– Scans for Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) identifiers to easily target affected systems and software for remediation.
– We provide CVE scanning, identify, and analyze vulnerabilities, find vendor patches and plugin, and recommend workarounds provide remediation and threat mitigation.

– Restriction of remote root user login
– Implementation of latest security patches and fixes.
– Implement previously defined diction lists to prevent standard OS terminology from being used as passwords.
– Password Management by enforcing security attributes as per industry standards.
– Disabling common services without impacting performance.
– Disabling login capabilities for administrative accounts that will never be logged into.
– Encrypting/Obfuscating passwords stored within the system.
– Enabling NTP (Network time protocol) for time synchronization.
– Removing unnecessary files such as. netrc files, xwud/xwd files.

– In addition to the standard OS security hardening services, we also solve Log denied traffic, Logging of dropped packets and SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) v3 that is used for monitoring.

– Conduct SSAT (System Security Acceptance Test) to validate implementation is compliant with Information Security and Framework Standards.

– Systems running unsupported or end-of-life Operating Systems are more vulnerable to exploitation. Using this report, the user can identify and address vulnerabilities via patching/upgrades or plan for hardware refreshes.

Why choose TRT for System Security Hardening?

– Security based on your environment using industry standard policies and tools.
– Vendor agnostic.

– Single point of contact – Allows for seamless planning, implementation, and validation.