Making The Complex Simple – TRT’s Global Break Fix Service

With TRT’s global Break Fix service, clients can outsource the difficulty of supplier management and enjoy the efficiencies and customer service from one, highly focused supplier.

A single global agreement with one multi-vendor party to maintain and support your global infrastructure offers:

  • A single set of global SLA’s
  • Applied to any platform
  • Anywhere in the world
  • Centrally driven

TRT “Makes the Complex Simple” with the end result being “Value for Money”.

Increasingly business leaders are faced with balancing costs with making smart investments to position the business for consistent and renewable growth. This demand has been driven by the market’s rapid change of focus from growth to efficiency as the top priority. IT leaders are being asked to maintain service levels and improve IT performance all in an environment with fewer resources and shrinking budgets. That’s why TRT’s Global Break Fix services are so attractive. They are designed to reduce capital expenditure and overheads, yet carry strict service level agreements to ensure that your security, performance and business objectives are absolutely met.

“Multinational organisations with infrastructure assets scattered throughout the globe traditionally have maintenance and service agreements which are fragmented, regional and misaligned to the overall service levels required to support the business in a 24/7 global environment.” says Domenic Romanelli, Managing Director of TRT.

The organic growth of the infrastructure over time and limited available resources and skills globally means IT departments inherit:

  • A multitude of complex and disparate regional contracts and suppliers;
  • Service level agreements which are fragmented and misaligned to the overall business’s requirements;
  • An impaired ability to track IT assets globally; and
  • Onerous vendor management by internal resources.

This can result in excessive, unexpected and unbudgeted expenses.

If you would like to arrange a free and confidential discussion on the potential efficiencies of a Global Break Fix service solution for your organisation please contact us.

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